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Why Did the Chicken Stop Laying the Egg? (Too Busy Crossing the Road)

Seasonal turns bring many changes on the farm, both with our vegetation and with our animals. One of the most common questions we hear this time of year is, “Why have my chickens stopped laying?”With the sophisticated nutrition and selective breeding behind today’s poultry, we’re used to very high levels of productivity. Most robust breeds […]

Let’s Talk About Feed Freshness

For most horse and livestock owners, feed freshness is a huge concern. To get the most nutritional value from your feed, it is best to use feeds that have been produced within 90 days. But why does a feed’s age matter so much? In the process of manufacturing, when vitamin sources come in physical contact […]

Five Reasons You Should Throw a Fit When You See This Ingredient in Your Horse Feed

We get red-faced, boot-stomping mad when we see there are peanut hulls in horse feed. Read on to find out why we’re so angry, and how to avoid digging a hole in your back yard and throwing your money into it. 1. Peanut hulls have almost zero nutritional value.   Low protein. Low fat. Low minerals. […]

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